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February 17, 2014

Travel Insurance

TravelStar® Travel Insurance

Emergency Medical Coverage with all the Extras!
Many Canadians still travel without emergency medical insurance, mistakenly believing the government covers everything. Unfortunately, many of the costs for medical care outside Canada far exceed what is covered by provincial government plans. The financial impact of just one incident without coverage could be catastrophic.

With Group Medical Services TravelStar®, we look after the medical emergency bills for you when you are traveling outside of your province of residence. Twenty-four hour emergency assistance is available to help you obtain medical treatment, coordinate medical care and transportation, verify coverage and provide support in areas of foreign language.

Daily Travel
TravelStar® Daily protects you in the event of medical emergencies when you’re travelling out of province or out of Canada. It provides up to $2 million coverage for a complete complement of emergency benefits, travel for short and long-term trips, no age restrictions, direct payment to health providers and 24-hour worldwide travel assistance. TravelStar® Daily is the perfect choice for Canadian Snowbird travellers! If you already have travel coverage on an annual plan or employer plan, or if you have coverage under another insurer and are looking to top up your coverage, TravelStar® is designed for you.

Multi-Trip Annual Travel
A great plan for business and casual travellers! The Multi-Trip Annual Travel plan provides emergency medical coverage for travel outside your province or outside Canada for trips under 30 days. Buy it once and take as many trips as you want in a year.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption
Unexpected events may force you to cancel your trip or change your return date. When that happens, you’ll be happy to have TravelStar® Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance. GMS covers you both prior to, and after departure in the event of medical emergencies, cancelled business meetings, weather delays, default of travel suppliers and more.

Baggage & Personal Effects
Lost, stolen or damaged baggage, personal belongings and currency can be a major problem when you’re travelling. TravelStar® Baggage & Personal Effects insurance can
streamline the process of replacement and reimbursement.

Special Risk Baggage
Travelling with your laptop computer or sporting equipment like golf clubs or hockey equipment? TravelStar® Special Risk Baggage coverage helps put your mind at ease. When purchased with trip or baggage insurance, you’ll be covered for up to $2,000 per item or set of items.

Combined and All-Inclusive Packages
Combine Trip Cancellation & Interruption with Baggage coverage for a discounted rate. Save even more by purchasing our all-inclusive package – Daily emergency travel medical insurance with Trip Cancellation & Interruption and Baggage coverage.





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