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Private Health Spending Plans for the Owner/Operator Business

Individuals who have incorporated their business such as consultants, contractors and professionals often find that providing affordable health and dental care coverage for themselves and their families can be an expensive proposition.

Take Bob for example.  Bob had just left his architectural firm to set up on his own.  In looking at the options available for him to replace his previous firm’s Extended Health and Dental coverage for he and his family, he discovered that the monthly premium would be between $400 and $500 per month.  This was for a plan that didn’t provide coverage for all practitioners and procedures, had an annual limit on the benefits, and a co-insurance factor of 20% (only 80% of eligible costs were covered).  There wasn’t even any orthodontia coverage although he could purchase that in limited amounts at an additional cost!  He also had to move quickly to replace his lost coverage as he had a pre-existing condition that most likely would not be covered if he waited too long to implement the new plan. Read more »


The Healthcare Conversation You Need To Have Now

I came across this article in Forbes magazine and thought it was worth sharing.  This is relevant to anyone with aging parents – it puts protection in place for them and gives you peace of mind.


What stops small businesses from offering benefits?

well-designed group benefits plan can be critical to attracting and retaining the right talent, as well as keeping employees healthy and productive at work.

But for small employers, offering a benefits plan is easier said than done.

While many small business owners want to provide their employees with some degree of coverage, obstacles stand in the way. As a result, many of the almost eight million Canadians who work at a small business are left without coverage, according to 2013 government stats. Read more »


Personal Health Insurance

Geraci Financial Group offers Personal Health Insurance through Group Medical Services. Read below  for information on their plans and apply online below

Group Medical Services offers a variety of individual plans allowing you to choose the plan that best meets your needs and budget.

Our BasicPlan offers 11 benefits in your province of residence, as well as the option to add Prescription Drugs, Prescription Drug – Enhanced, Dental Care, and/or Hospital Cash. This plan is best for those looking for peace of mind for emergency health situations or topping up existing coverage.

If you are planning on travelling or would like more comprehensive coverage, the ExtendaPlan® would be a better fit. The ExtendaPlan® offers 22 benefits in your province of residence and coverage for trips taken out of Canada.  You may also add one or more of the following options:  Prescription Drugs, Prescription Drug – Enhanced, Dental Care, and/or Hospital Cash. Read more »